Welcome to EVANDE project

EVANDE project (Enhancing Volunteer Awareness and education against Natural Disasters through E-learning) aims to create a new learning tool to educate and train civil protection volunteers and local authorities’ staff through identification of best practices and knowledge, to develop a web platform to host e-learning courses and training activities, as well as to organize and implement local - based dissemination and training actions. The project will explore and analyse pre-existing knowledge developed under EU projects, Scientific Research and Civil Protection strategies, as well as existing infrastructure (museums, centers, exhibits).


3rd Project Meeting

The 3rd management meeting of the EVANDE project took place from 7th to 8th of April 2016 at the headquarters of “Center for Educational Initiatives”

2nd Project Meeting

The 2nd management meeting of the EVANDE project took place from 23rd to 25th September 2015 at the headquarters of “Consorci De La Ribera” in

1st Project Meeting

The 1st management meeting of EVANDE project took place on 5th – 6th March 2015 at the headquarters of Beigua regional nature Park at Arenzano,